Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a report cost?

Each report costs $995USD ($595 for educational and non-profit institutions), which includes a technological, intellectual property and market assessment of your invention.

What’s included in my report?

The report is broken down into three analysis sections:
  1. The technical merits and challenges of your invention
  2. The intellectual property (IP) rights that you may have available
  3. The commercial potential and pathways available to commercialise your invention
The report also includes some useful industry information and contacts for potential partners in the commercialisation process. An "Executive Summary" is provided at the beginning of each report.

Do you offer any other services?

The $995 report is the only service Invention Evaluator offers in order to maintain objectivity in the analysis of your invention or technology. However, if you require technology sourcing services, please contact our parent company, Tekcapital LLC, at or visit

What are your terms regarding confidentiality?

Tekcapital LLC (trading as Invention Evaluator) maintains confidentiality and acknowledges that all Intellectual Property Rights in and in relation to the submission and the subject matter of the submission are, and remain at all times, the property of the Customer. Click Here to see Sections 4 and 5 in our Terms and Conditions on Confidential Information and Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) are our contractual conditions that become binding on both Tekcapital LLC (trading as Invention Evaluator) and the Customer immediately after the Customer registers at the Invention Evaluator website. The Customer must click that they have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before they can proceed. Our T&Cs discuss our obligations as a service, topics of confidentiality and intellectual property rights, warranties and liability, and indemnity. See Terms and Conditions.

Who are your analysts?

Our analysts are all in-house and based at our headquarters in Seattle, Washington. They are University graduates, many with Masters or PhDs. The analyst pool has expertise which covers the entire range of technical domains across the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Engineering and ICT. When they join our company, the analysts are trained in all aspects of invention analysis, including searching, intellectual property (IP) and market analysis. They use our proprietary system and knowledgebase we have developed to generate the reports.

How do I register?

Simply go to the Register tab on our website and enter your information. You may order as many or few submissions as you like for $995USD ($595 for educational and non-profit institutions) per submission. We accept payment by by Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Your secure password and invoice will be sent to the email used to set up your account profile. Once you set up your first submission, you may pay for subsequent reports by logging onto your account profile and clicking on the Submissions tab from there.

How are you doing a complete report for only $995?

We have built our own proprietary system for conducting the analysis and generating a report, which is extremely streamlined. The knowledge comes from various publically available sources, and is all referenced in the reports. Our knowledgebase has ordered this information and the report builder software frees the analyst from the menial tasks involved in generating a report, which allows them to focus on what they do best: research and deliver their findings. The system guides them efficiently, step by step, through a process which allows them to do an extensive amount of research in a short amount of time.

Who are your clients?

The idea to create an analysis system for invention triage came from our founder Michael Manion, after spending several years in the university sector commercialising technology. As such, the system was first built for universities as a screening tool to assist technology managers working with researchers and their many inventions. Thus, we have many university clients across the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe and have continued to expand globally. We also have a strong base of clients from corporations, research institutions, and technology commercialisation professionals and marketplaces. As an established tool for many reputable institutions, our service is of great value for many independent inventors seeking low cost, high quality analysis.