Using Invention Evaluator is easy!

Complete the registration process on the ‘Register’ tab and you will receive your credentials to login into your personal dashboard. This is where you manage your submissions and reports. You can submit as many inventions for evaluation as you like. You can start a new submission any time and there is no expiration date to submit. To get started, go to the submission page of your dashboard. This has a series of questions to help you to describe your invention, upload information you may have on it, and give us all the information we need to get the appropriate analyst working on your report.

You can save your submission in draft form, log out, and log back in anytime you wish. The status for that invention will be listed as “Saved” on your dashboard. You can open it up, and continue editing it as many times as you wish. Once you have fully completed this submission information, simply click ‘Submit the information’ using the button at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to choose a format for the final report: pdf or word. Please note: once you submit the invention for evaluation, you can no longer edit the submission, so be careful to check that it is complete and accurate. The status of that invention will be listed as “Pending” on you dashboard.

Within 10 business days, your submission will be assigned to one of our analysts in Seattle, who will read the information you have provided. They follow a consistent process to analyze the invention, which includes searching databases and the internet for information, and distilling this into a report for you. This report breaks down the analysis into three sections:
  1. The technical merits and challenges of your invention
  2. The Intellectual Property rights that you may have available
  3. The commercial potential and pathways available to commercialise your invention
Click here for a sample report. Click here for a brochure.

When a report is complete, you will be notified by email. You can log in anytime to view and download the report.

You can submit a new invention anytime through the dashboard by clicking on New Submission. Each invention submission costs $995 (discount for educational and non-profit institutions available).

You can also update your profile, and view your account details through your dashboard.