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Take all the guesswork and intensive research out of the equation with IE. You want to know which technologies have the most potential, and IE reports can tell you without the headache.

Invention Evaluator at a Glance

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IE reports provide a detailed overview of the technical merits, IP position and market landscape of any new innovation. Furthermore, the analysis includes potential regulatory hurdles and industry partners.

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Hundreds of universities and companies around the world use IE to efficiently find the commercial potential of their intellectual property. Most of our clients are returning customers, so you can try our reports with confidence.

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The Driverless Dream is a Reality

The Driverless Dream is a Reality

Self-driving cars which were once only murmurs in Silicon Valley less than a decade ago have hit the street. This month Uber’s first self-driving fleet arrived in Pittsburgh, but they will still be supervised by humans in the driver’s seat. Advancements in automated systems and AI are quickly giving way to a new reality: that driverless cars will provide a safer, more efficient method of travel.

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